Cost-effective and engaging,
for a new audience.

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The Future of Training is Here

Virtual Reality (VR) training tracks and measures skill, aptitude, speed, dexterity, and endurance – among other metrics! Perfect for training the industrial and commercial workforce. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to train your new hires without expensive capital outlay.

The Virtual Revolution is Now Reality

  • Attract more millennial talent to your organization, the largest and fastest growing workforce
  • Identify top talent
  • Reduce training expenses
  • Improve task retention and minimize accidents

Samples From Our On-Demand VR Training Suite For Your Organization To Access and Deliver During the Hiring Process

    Why VR Training?

    VR training simulates lifelike scenarios to give trainees a more realistic experience that they would not have in a classroom setting. There are numerous benefits to VR training.

    Your Own VR Training Lab

    Test and train employees at your business! With our mobile and modular VR Lab, you can set up in a cubicle, conference or break room, or any other re-purposed space. All you need is 12 cubic feet of air-space for each workstation and a little supervision from your staff.

    • No wires, cables, or tethers
    • No need for dedicated workspace
    • No wall mounted sensors
    • No additional hardware or software
    • No need for in-house IT support

    Customized VR Projects and Programs

    In addition to our on-demand suite of workforce training applications, we can provide custom VR solutions for world-class organizations… advancing you to the next generation of business services.

    • Custom training and enrichment
    • Interactive sales and marketing
    • Enable collaboration
    • Product Lifecycle Management


    We work closely with our partners to understand their methodology, pain points, and success criteria. Training storyboards and use cases communicate the requirements.

    Define Success

    Determine success metrics using client-defined KPI for both internal success of the trainee and external success of the company.


    We use our rapid prototyping process to

    • Test the functionality of the new design
    • Obtain user feedback for usability and comfort
    • Review accuracy of training against methodology
    • Refine requirements
    • Ensure desired training outcomes

    VR Training Solution

    We build on the success and feedback of the prototype to create a training solution.

    • Pilot launch and review
    • Refine the process as needed
    • Enterprise rollout